Bone Therapeutics

Intellectual property

Bone Therapeutics' strong intellectual property portfolio combined with its extensive experience and expertise in cell therapy and bone diseases puts the company in a unique position to exploit its proprietary stem cell-based technology platform .

Bone Therapeutics' Intellectual Property portfolio comprises 96 issued or pending patents worldwide (60 for ALLOB and 36 for JTA) covering methods, products and applications to various bone-related and other disorders.

ALLOB  has also received orphan drug designation* for osteonecrosis in the EU and US.

Bone Therapeutics holds ALLOB   trademarks in Benelux, the EU, US, Japan and South Korea.

*Orphan Drug Designation provides a special status to a drug developed for the treatment of rare diseases or rare medical conditions. When obtaining orphan designation, the company benefits from a number of incentives, including regulatory assistance and market exclusivity once the medicine is approved for commercialisation.