Bone Therapeutics

Unique technology platform

Bone Therapeutics innovative cell therapy Bone Therapeutics is bringing a unique value proposition by developing a range of innovative bone cell therapy products administrable via a minimally invasive technique.

Our aim is to improve:

  • Efficacy by developing innovative cell therapy products composed of differentiated, bone-forming cells (also called osteoblastic cells). Our primary focus in on allogeneic platform (with cells originating from healthy donors), through our ALLOB programme.
  • Safety by offering a minimally invasive approach involving implanting the cells with a needle (or trephine) directly at the bone defect site through the skin, replacing the need for invasive surgery.

The company has developed a first-in-class products, ALLOB . The manufacturing process consists of the ex vivo culture of human bone marrow cells in order to generate human osteoblastic cells. All of Bone Therapeutics' products are manufactured to the highest GMP standards and all trials are designed in close consultation with the regulatory authorities. ALLOB is classified as advanced therapy medicinal products in Europe, renowned to have some of the strictest guidelines for the development of cell therapy products.